Keeping with the mandate to do so as provided in the 1995 Ordinance creating the Southwest Harbor Fire Department, the Fire Association, a non profit, 501c3 corporation, was formed in 1996 by Members of the Fire Department and of the community to neet the challenges of augmenting the Fire Departments budget by Fundraising activities including Public Suppers, community events and donation appeals. In addition to equipment purchases and assistance with operational needs, the Association has expanded its support to include annual scholorship awards to students of the Mount Desert Island High school who, on graduation, were continuing their education in one of the public safety fields. Funding has also been provided when needed to families facing a serious crisis as a result of an unforseen illness or other family emergency. With the historical rise in the cost of heating during the winter of 2007-2008, Assistance has been provided to residents to carry them through until other arangements could be secured.
The Association in the past 12 years has raised and disributed to it's various causes in excess of $100,000 all of which was raised by donation or it's fund raising activities
The Association is goverend by a bord of directors made up of 5 Community members and operationally controlled by an elected officer corps.



All business to be brought to the Association will be presented to the President or the Secretary. They may be reached through the Southwest Harbor Police Department Dispatching Office at (207) 244-7911.


Contact us at:

PO Box 666

Southwest Harbor, Maine 04679


The Current Officers for the Association are:

President: Mr.Jeffrey Thomas

Vice President: Mr. Dean Tozier

Secretary: Ms. Beth Gaiser

Treasurer: Ms Diane Willey-Ward

The Sitting Board of Directors are:

Chairman: Chief Sam Chisholm

Mr. Daniel Norwood

Mr. David Kelley

Mr. Wayne Patton

.Mr, Ken Minier

Ms. Karen Willey