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What's the deal on outside burning permits?
I have been thinking about joining the Fire Department who do I call?
How do the Firefighters know when there is a fire?
My group would like to have a tour of the station, who should I call?
About how many calls do you go to each year?
I keep hearing about mutual aid, what exactly is that?
I have a 12 yr old that wants to be a firefighter, what is the Jr. Fire Dept?
I know that Fire Prevention week is in the fall, just when is it?
What can my family do if there is a big storm and the power goes out? Is there someplace that we can go to keep warm?
I collect fire department patches, hats and T-Shirts. Can I get one of yours?
My kids would love to have a ride on a fire truck, how can I get them one?
How can I find out what the fire was last week?

I have a house that I would like to tear down, would the Fire Department be interested in using it for training and maybe burn it flat afterwards?

My neighbor just installed an outside wood boiler and it is putting out a lot of smoke into my yard. Can you tell me what I can do?




 I am having a large number of people for an event, can I rent the Station?