I am going to be having a large group of people getting together for an event. Would I be able to rent the meeting room for a night?
Where Could I find a large hall for my event?
There are a number of private buildings within the town and in the surrounding area that have facilities that may be big enough for larger gatherings. Churches, Lodges, and some private businesses do have areas that they use in the course of their day to day operations to house either larger equipment or activities that requires large spaces. Many restaurants also have areas that they can section off to accommodate larger groups.
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    The Fire Station is a municipal building whose principal use is for the operational needs of the Southwest Harbor Fire department and it's members. These functions include administrative, training, operational and storage needs.

    In a secondary capacity, the meeting room area has been authorized by the Board of Selectmen to be used for the official business of the Town or its entities. These functions include such activities as: Voting, Public Hearings, Committee meetings and Training for the Town's Departments.

    At this time, the Board has not approved the use of Town property including the Fire Station Meeting room, for private uses.

    The Fire Department maintains a resevation schedule for the meeting room's use to prevent scheduling conflicts. Town entities wishing to use the meeting room for an event should contact the Fire Department Secretary to ensure your reservation is recorded.

    Except for special circumstances, the meeting room will not be available for use on Thursday evenings between the hours of 5:00 Pm and Midnight as this is when the Fire Department will be using the facility for it's own business.


    To see the complete text of the Selctmen's
    Meeting room policy click Here