My kids would love to have a ride on a fire truck, how can I get them one?
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  • The sure fire way is to drop by the station in the morning before either the Memoria Day Parade or the Quietside (Flamingo day) parade. On a space available basis we take the neighborhood kids with us during the parade. The only rule is that a parent must be with their child at all times to both supervise them during the parade,or to take care of them should we have to leave the parade to go to a call. It would be a bad thing to leave them on the side of the road unattended! We also will take little people on a short trip when we can while we are at the station. That way is dependant on what is going on at the time but we try to always fit them in somehow after all, the kid that goes for a ride today may be answering calls with us tommorow!