What can my family do if there is a big storm and the power goes out?

Is there someplace that we can go to keep warm?

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  • One of the great things that the town now has is the benefit of, is a handicap accessable emergency shelter at the Fire House! During the design of our new station we added all the things that would allow us to house a couple of hundred or more people with eating and bathrooms and places to camp out if needed overnight. The station has a large generator to provide power during the frequent long term outages for heat and lights as well as to power the kitchen facilities to feed those that need a warm meal. During the summer months, we can even move the fire trucks outside for more room if we need it. Winter might make things a bit more cramped not wanting to let the trucks freeze but we can move them closer together if we have to so we can get more people under cover.

    Should bad weather strike and you find yourself needing a warm meal or place to go, give the Police Dispatcher a call to find out if an emergency shelter has been set up yet. If not, the dispatcher will either find a place for you or will call the Fire Department to get things moving.

    Some things to bring when you come to the shelter:

    1: Bring what ever you think you will need for the duration of the emergency. This would include things like blankets, pillows and some clean under garmets. DO NOT FORGET TO BRING ANY MEDICATIONS THAT YOU DEPEND ON! Chances are not good that the local drug store will be open.

    While we try to keep a stock of emergency supplies on hand, if we have a large group, supplies will run low in short order. Unopend food is always welcome and a good way to not waste perishable goods Small but essential things like...toilet paper, trash bags and even things to keep the children (and adults too!) busy like books, magazines and games with not too many small pieces may help pass the time. Put your name on anything that you want back, that will give you a better chance of seeing it again.

    PETS: Here is the deal on your pets. Most of us have many special four footed friends ( or winged or slithering ones) that we would be heart broken to leave behind. If you are about to risk your life by making the choice of staying home to be with him/her, I guess it would be best to bring your buddy with you to the shelter. That said, we may have to have you keep him or her away from the food areas as well as the common areas as not everyone will or can adapt to a gaggle of pets. While we have not had to do so yet, the fire department may have to find a way to cordon off a section of garage somehow. The big thing is that we would hate to find that someone has sacreficed his or her life when we could have found a way to prevent it.