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2017 - Training burn at Bar Harbor

This was a property donated by the Jackson Lab on Main St in Bar Harbor

The house located on the property was slated for demolition. It was donated for use to the Bar Harbor Fire Department. Bar Harbor FD then offered it up as a mutual aid training for all MDI FD's to practice on.

Crews from Mount Desert FD, Southwest Harbor FD, Tremont FD, and Trenton FD made personnel and apparatus available for this contained training burn. After several separate training burns, the fire was finally allowed to finish the demolition process.

Ice Rescue Training

Long Pond

Department members train to beat the elements and practice their skills performing ice rescues.

These are invaluable skills which only come through hands-on training. We wear specialized dry suits that keep us safe from exposure to the cold water temps. These skills and equipment that we train and learn with keep us safe as well as allow us to perform rescues in another type of hazardous environment.

Water Department Assist

Long Pond at the Water Department pumping station

When the Town of Southwest Harbor experienced a pump station failure that led to the loss of drinking water for the town, the Fire Department was called into action. Our Engine 113 set up a draft from Long Pond and sent water into the drinking water system to provide for the town until the pumping station could be repaired.

This should be stats on the run time of the engine and the estimated amount of water supplied

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Extrication training

With the generous donation of two junk cars, the Southwest Harbor Fire Department held car extrication training. Department members practiced with the Jaws of Life and spent the evening cutting up cars. Again, invaluable experience is gained through training and practice.

ANP Mutual Aid Drill

On June 2, 2018, a joint mutual aid drill was held with fire personnel from SWHFD, Tremont FD, Mount Desert FD, Bar Harbor FD, and ANP. The practiced situation was a wild-fire which started at Echo Lake beach and spread with driven winds northward. We went over inter-department communications, water shuttling techniques, structure triage, and using resources available from other state and federal agencies.


The hydraulic tools that we use for vehicle extrication are very powerful and effective when brought to bear. Not only do we train to effectively use that force to our advantage, we also try to learn some finesse. Anyone care for an omlet?

Pumps Class

Having pumps and flowing water is what Fire Departments have been doing for years. We learn from the pros and find out just how much water our trucks can flow and how to plan for the effects of friction loss in our systems.

October 2017 Aerial Ladder Rescue Training

At our disposal we have a 107' ladder truck and numerous ground ladders. In this training we hone our skills and use ladders not only to reach higher areas but to use them to perform rescues and test our accuracy.

RIT - Rapid Intervention Team

Not only do we train as a department internally, we also train with other local departments. The RIT team is made up of firefighters from around the county and respond to many mutual aid calls. These trained members are on standby to rescue the rescuers if the need arises.