Structure related calls

Still Alarm:
Engine 113

First Alarm for Commercial or Multi-Family structures:
Ladder 112
Engine 113

First Alarm for 1 or 2 family residential
Engine 113
Ladder 112

Second Alarm:
+Engine 103
+Engine 106
>Mutual Aid engine for Station coverage

All Hands Alarm:
+ Mutual Aid Engine
+ Mutual Aid Engine
+SCBA maint Truck
+Mutual Aid Tanker

Special Calls:
>Fire Marshall
>Additional Ladder
>Red Cross
>County Mutual Aid Coordinator

Special Alarms
As requested by Incident commander dependant on type of call.



The Incident Commander or the Senior officer responding may modify or change the responce assignments based on suplimental information or local knowledge, at his/her discretion

Alarm System Definitions

Still Alarm:
Where the Department is dispatched to a call, with or without a radio page, requiring less than a full first alarm assignment. Such calls include street washdowns, animal rescues or non emergency assistance to other agencies.

First Alarm:
Where the department is dispatched via radio paging to a call where the dispatcher believes an emergency may exist but cannot confirm via incoming reports. Such calls will include activated automatic fire alarms, occupant reported smoke detectors where no fire or smoke can be found, or reports of smoke in an area where a burning permit has been issued but not located directly at the permitted address.

Second Alarm:
Where the department is dispatched as either an additional alarm or as the initial alarm to an incident where the Dispatcher has confirmed an emergency condition exists. These calls include all manner of incidents where non permitted fire is reported and motorovehicle accidents with personal injuries.

All Hands Alarm:

Requested by the incident commander when an emergency call has reached a stage where the 1st and 2nd alarm companies will not be able to mitigate with out further assistance.

Special alarms:

Where the dispatcher or the incident commander requests special apparatus or manpower, independant to the alarm level, for the incident involved. These calls may include Hazardous material teams, special rescue personnel or specialized apparatus or equipment.







    Still Alarm:
    Engine 106 or 100 Truck

    First Alarms:
    Engine 113
    Engine 101
    Engine 106

    Second Alarms:
    Engine 103
    truck 100
    Forestry trailer

    All Hands Alarm
    >Mutual aid tanker
    >Mutual aid engine
    >Maine Forest Service

    Special calls
    >Natl Park Svce

    Rescue Calls

    Still alarm
    Engine 113

    First Alarm
    Engine 113
    Engine 106

    Second Alarm
    >Mutual Aid Heavy Rescue

    Special Calls
    >Haz Mat
    > MDI SAR
    >Natl Park SVCE
    >Warden SVCE
    >US Coast Guard
    >Life Flight